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Raine befriends an old lady who imparts spiritual visions and paranormal knowledge. When the old lady passes on Raine is asked to take the ashes to India. However strange forces are at work before the plane lands India's Premier is shot and Raines introduction to India is to face soldiers pointing AK47s. A jeweler GIVES Raine a waist-length necklace that is mostly lost when Dimensional Sound Shifts swallow up the crystals. Miracles happen every day! You have never read a book like this before. You will
be emotionally touched and you will love this book.


SOFT COVER ISBN 9781504351683      $11.99
EBOOK              ISBN 9781504351690       $  3.99

8.5" X 5.5"

The Miracle Journey - What a privilege it was that I could read Raine's boo k " Rainedrops Journey To India. " The book begins with the acquaintance of Raema in hospital and their spiritual connection started there.

When Raema passed away, Raine was chosen to take her ashes to India , since Raema's son could not go, however he gave instructions where Raine should go. Raine never thought of all the difficulties she would endure to finally find her way there. No one could speak  English and Raine did not speak the local language.

The week before I started to read Raine's book, I saw a documentary about India and the poverty and how they lived there. So I could feel and be with Raine on her journey and feel her frustration and anguish of the possibility of losing the ashes and even her money

. Looking around for someone who could speak English, Raine lost a lot of time as she only had three weeks in India . Approached by the Assistant Manager, Ahmid spoke perfect English and helped Raine to find Raema's relatives , together they all went to where the mouth of the Ganges River begins in the Himalayas to let Raema's ashes go.

Here one miracle after another happen. Raine was speechless. She always believed that Raema was with her and protecting her. There was just so much happening, I cannot tell it all here. It is better that you get the book, experience Raine's anguish, her fear and her miracles! This is an amazing story. It is a journey you will never forget!
   -  Gigi Sedlemeyer, author of the "Talon Series"

Wow! What an exciting read. I couldn't put it down until I had finished , which meant I stayed up much later than I had planned, as I just had to keep reading to find out what happened next.

Raine's third book is different to her earlier books in that its focus is one significant episode in her life which involved an unexpected, by her, journey to India. In the open and honest,  chatty and easy to read style we have come to know from Raine's previous books, she shares the suspense and dangers she experienced, along with the miracles and learnings ; and we meet some very interesting people along the way.

"Rainedrops Journey To India" is a must read . Those familiar with " And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks " and " Rainedrops From Heaven " will welcome Raine's new book, and it's a good place to start for newcomers to her work
  -   Joan, New Zealand

"Rainedrops Journey To India " is an odyssey that takes place in the spirit at the same time as it happens on Earth.

It begins as the author, who is a spiritual healer, meets Raema, a woman approaching the end of her life. Yet, though her body is failing, her mind is sharp and Raine soon becomes aware that she is a highly sensitive and evolved soul. She becomes Raine's patient, and swiftly the two women establish a deep connection at a level that eventually transcends this world, and death itself.

At first, Raine cared for her as she would any other patien t, and she swiftly recognized the power of Raema's spirit. She became aware that Raema was able to sense her thoughts and circumstances from a distance, and at times had some difficulty to cope with the strength of her power. As her elderly patient's life faded, the communication between them intensified, and the knowledge began to dawn on Raine that there was far more to her story than she had imagined.

It is through her voyage to India, that Raine takes us on a journey of the spirit that delves into the very heart of life and its meaning.

Raines book is a remarkable account of how highly evolved souls, both having keen spiritual perception, may communicate with each other .

It is a testimony that the power of love transcends our daily lives and can even link people together outside of space and time .

This is Raine's third book. In her first one, the award winning, " And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks, " she introduces herself - we meet a person of extraordinary sensitivity , who, from earliest childhood, could perceive her guardian angel and other higher beings. Her first book was a divine message that we on earth are visiting spirits from another dimension that is overflowing with love . In her second book, " Rainedrops From Heaven ," she enlarged her scope, and broached the problem of death, declaring that judgment comes from Man, not God, and that all of us will find comfort and consolation at death, no matter who we are.

This third book deepens and widens her message, by showing us the power of love in action - how deep love between people can bring them back together, no matter what gulf of time and space may seem to separate them .

From the first page, Raine's enchanting story is impossible to put down. She is a delightful natural story telle r as well as having the ability to perceive aspects of the spiritual realm, and describe them to us. She writes with a rare charm and graciousnes s, and her message of comfort is one that is sorely needed to help relieve the spiritual pains of our modern society.

Raine's message is a riveting and important one, I highly recommend her books.

    -   Ila France  Porcher, Author, June's 2015

This is the third book of TR Raine's that I have read. In 'Rainedrops Journey to India' she takes you on, not only a spiritual journey but a practical one too.

She tells of situations that are truly exotic, shocking and at times deeply chilling. As ever her calmness and spirituality guide her through, but one can't help but think she must have suffered extreme moments of trauma and doubt and also sadness.

An extraordinary read.
   -  Carol Richardson

This is the third book I have read in the RAINEDROPS SERIES and as always the author, Raine , maintains her easy to read form of writing as though you were in the room with her and she was telling you a story.

" Rainedrops Journey To India " is an amazing story that is not only a true story but it is Raine's story.

She lands in India in the middle of a military coup and each day Raine is presented with new challenges and miracles unfold on a regular basis.

T his story has you sitting on the edge of your chair wondering what will happen next, but over all it is the very spiritual connection Raine has with those beings watching over her.

It is a very touching and unique book.
  - Werner Stejskal

A wonderfully writen account of the author's time in India, as she fufills the wish of a dear friend, Raema, to return her ashes home after she passes away. The author vividly shares her many miraculous events along her journey

Gripping and exciting and well worth reading. I thank the author for sharing her precious journey with us.
 - Still Growing

Recently my mother passed away and I found a great deal of comfort from Raine's book. Her book brought an additional peace that I hadn't had before. I recommend this book to anyone that has lost a loved one or is searching for personal peace.
    - Olivia Rae - Author