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Raine shares experiences with those energies on the other side of the veil. Raine introduces past lives that include personal recall as well as facilitating clients whilst under hypnosis. For those looking for spiritual guidance as well as validation, this book will open yearnings within you for more knowledge of your spiritual potential.

This is a very inspiring book and will take the reader on a spiritual journey discovering the possibilities of past lives and life after death.


SOFT COVER ISBN 9781504351270     $11.99
EBOOK              ISBN 9781504351287      $  3.99

6"  X  9"

"Rainedrops From Heaven - Spiritual Medium, Raine, continues to share experiences of life, death and love" by Raine is a book in which the author speaks about past lives and experiences of many of her clients under hypnosis. It is a book that can guide you spiritually and widen your spiritual knowledge. The book will take you on a journey of what will happen after death and expresses the view that we will be happier after death.

Books on past lives and past life regression always fascinated me after I read "Many Lives Many Masters" by Dr Brian Weiss. They somehow seemed to explain a lot of things that were beyond our reach and ever since then any book that related to that topic has held my interest. This is one such book where the author takes you on a wonderful spiritual journey and speaks about death and spirits, and the purpose of our lives. My favorite part is where the author discusses how to stop the karmic wheel in this life time, which I found very fascinating.

"Rainedrops From Heaven - Spiritual Medium, Raine, continues to share experiences of life, death and love," has some very interesting experiences. Clients who go through these sessions of hypnosis get a lot of relief from the deep rooted problems inside them. It is like a therapy that can give you answers for many questions that are bothering you. It is a very motivating and inspiring book that can alter your thoughts and channel them in a positive manner.
Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite

I first met Raine around 25 years ago when I was referred to her clinic, and I was impressed with her skills, friendly caring nature and strong professionalism.

So, when I had an experience that seemed to be connected to a past life it was Raine I turned to. This was rather a challenge to me since re-incarnation wasn't a part of my theology - or experience until then. Raine gently and competently led me through, and encouraged me to find meaning in the experience for myself.

Over the years our friendship has developed and we have been there for each other as we faced the various challenges along our journey. Our spiritual journeys have been very different and Raine always respects where I'm coming from and encourages me to explore and find my own path.

While working as a hospital chaplain I listened to many accounts of near-death-experiences, was introduced to unseen (to me)loved ones in the rooms of dying patients; and had visits from several patients after their death - one to confirm a discussion we had had on what life after death may be like. Naturally I turned to Raine to share these experiences and to understand what was happening, She always listened patiently, encouraging me to trust my intuition, while providing information, loaning me relevant books and sharing her own experiences.

I have followed her development as a medium and a spiritual seer with interest and seen the same professionalism she demonstrated as a clinician.

Her first book 'And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks' came as a surprise - a well kept secret until it was published. I've enjoyed having the privilege to read the draft copy of 'Rainedrops From Heaven.' I've been reminded of our conversations as well as being introduced to new insights.

I am blessed through knowing Raine and I know many will be blessed through reading her second book 'Rainedrops From Heaven.'
-   With My Love, Joan x x x

This book  is beautifully presented and beautifully written. I feel this book will be very helpful to those who are either searching for knowledge, or may even have had a few experiences themselves and are a little confused.

"Rainedrops From Heaven" will take away any fear some people may have not understanding what may happen to them after death and give them a deeper understanding.

Even pet owners will benefit from a little extra knowledge about their pets, after all I am still learning after well over 90 years!  And we are on this planet to learn after all.

I cannot wait to see what Raine publishes next, and I encourage anyone to read this book now!
Mary Kares


"Rainedrops From Heaven" - this is a well written and easy to read book which gives you a simple introduction to spiritualism. I have read both Raine's books and would recommend any reader who would like to expand their self-awareness and self-growth to read these books. I just can't wait for Raine's third edition to be published!
Roma, Papakura


As a natural skeptic about most things spiritual, I found Raine's second book "Rainedrops From Heaven" a surprisingly uplifting experience. She has the facility to transport you into her world with a matter of factness that is neither incomprehensible or daunting. She possesses no dogma or cloying sweetness. Regardless of where my opinions of spirituality lie, this book will stay with me and has certainly given me food for thought. I would not hesitate to recommend it.
-   Carol, Gulf Harbour

This is an amazing book. Raine chronicles her spiritual experiences with the afterworld when we all leave this Earth. Raine says that there is nothing to fear.

Spirituality is a natural part of our lives. Many people are so afraid that their mortal lives are full of fear and they live their lives sadly.

It is Raine's understanding and compassion that stands out in her narrative.

She lives in LOVE with all the Angels. She helps people to come to a greater understanding of the real spirit world . I, too, have felt Angels protecting me.

If you feel sad all of the time and confused and angry, please, read this book. Life in our world is not what it seems and no one needs to suffer. There is help at hand.

Well done Raine!!
- Sara Howard, author of "Mischief At Michoud"

Raine has the ability to make you feel your grief and feel comfort at the same time. The touching stories she recounts bring peace to your own life and situation. I appreciate the message of love and acceptance, that we as individuals need to strive to see ourselves positively, and practice thankfulness for all things, no matter how small it may seem. This is a book I have reread, and will return to again.
-  By Disney Fan

Love and Acceptance.

Reading the first and second book by Raine, the author of the two books let me have an incredible insight into the different world of the spirit. And it tells me again, that there is more to life than one can even imagine.

Accepting any different believes through love. Well done Raine, and keep it up.
  -     Gigi Sedlmeyer, Author of the "Talon Series"

I am not articulate enough to give credit to this book. Let me just say that it let me have insight into a different world. I am not sensitive to this kind of world, even though I do not disregard it. I am aware that there is more to life that I can see. This book illustrates what some people go through and that "we others" have to be tolerant and accept that . And maybe  hope to be touched by all that love. Keep at it Raine.
-    Werner Stejskal, Author and Producer 

I totally recommend that you read this book. It will open your eyes to things you are really unsure about and help you to understand things in your own life that perhaps you have been aware of but not fully understood. This book reaches inside of you helps you be in touch with your spirituality and the greater universe which awaits us.
 Vicki Bickerton - Resource Administrator

Since childhood Raine has had the rare gift of being able to commune with angels and spirits from a divine realm beyond our earthly one. In her award winning first book “And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks,” she introduced herself and her perception that we on earth are spirits visiting from a divine world overflowing with love. Now her second book, “Rainedrops From Heaven” develops her message more deeply.

She describes the love for humanity that she knows the angels feel for us and declares that judgement comes from Man, not God—all of us will find comfort and consolation at death, no matter who we are.

Related themes that she illuminates include:

• how past lives can affect our present one

• how loving spirits move in loose contact
 with each  
    other through successive incarnations

• the purpose of our lives here on earth

• the experience of death and how to spiritually care
    for a dying loved one

• how spirits try to get our attention from the other

• how to stop the karmic wheel in your lifetime.

In spite of the very difficult hardships which she underwent for long periods, Raine's life has revolved around using her gift in service to others, to spiritually heal, and to bring relief from pain.

Articulate and expressive as she naturally is, her delightfully written books serve to bring much needed information to those of us who cannot hear the angels, and to help relieve the spiritual suffering of our modern society.

Her vibrant and friendly style draws the reader in to feel very connected with her, and to sense her devotion to truth. It is not a matter of believing her— there is no doubt in reading her words that she is conveying a deep truth, and that through her books she is bringing a spiritual message of great power.

Knowing Raine personally, I can attest that she really is as she appears in her book—joyful, loving, and in regular communion with angels whom she mentions in conversation. So I recommend this book to all.

While reading it, it was more than Rainedrops I felt—it was a sparkling Rainefall of love and insightful guidance from a spiritual realm I had not known existed.

If you have ever melted with rapture, standing beneath the shimmering curtains of the northern or southern lights, or beneath a rainbow or sunrise, and sensed a great and glorious consciousness at the source of all life, you will recognize the light of Grace you feel when you drift away reading  Rainedrops from Heaven.”

It is one of the most remarkable books I have found.
   - Ila France Porcher author of "My Shark Sessions"

Raine is not only an internationally aclaimed medium and author but an Earth Angel bringing messages of encouraagement, understanding and tender words to those in need of loving guidance. Her second book "Rainedrops From Heaven," covers a myriad of topics including messages from the other side, past life regression, connecting with angels and relaying personal accounts from her life journey bringing hope and comfort to all.

Raine  writes in a gentle, friendly and empathic manner and you almost feel she shed a few tears herself whilst writing this wonderful book. For those of you familiar with " soul groups," the author's account of one particular friendship and how they became closer by healing past hurts was wonderfully written and with such compassion.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading Raine's latest book "Rainedrops Journey To India.
    - 5*

A Journey To Understanding The True Nature Of The Spirit; Raine’s book, “Rainedrops From Heaven,” is the second book by this amazing author I have had the pleasure of reading.  The first book of hers that I read,  " And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks was a truly fascinating book about a woman’s journey to discover more about her special gifts. 

Rainedrops From Heaven” is a message of hope to anyone wanting to understand the physical manifestation of life and its relationship to the spiritual foundation that makes that life possible.

Raine’s writing style, which is very conversational, makes the reader feel he or she is being spoken to by the author as she relates her experiences with those who have crossed over, those who were left behind to deal with the grief caused by the parting of a loved one, and those angel visitants who provide comfort and support when we quietly ask for help and are willing to accept that help in whatever form it appears.

There are several key thoughts that the author presents which I find to be of great comfort and of great power

The first is: “ We are truly loved every single second of our lives upon this earth. We are not judged. We are not going to be sent to hell. We are loved. We are surrounded every single day by our angels who are filled with love for us and want nothing more than to be asked by us for help. We are loved .”  The Bible tells us that “ God is Love,” and it is a powerful idea that God’s love surrounds us and fills us every moment of every day – regardless of whether we acknowledge God’s love or not.

The second powerful thought that the author presents is: “We are more than a body of flesh and bones; we are an eternal spirit residing in a physical body for the duration of our life upon this earth. Life goes on beyond this physical planet that we live on and our spiritual learning continues long after we have outlived this physical vehicle that we call a body .”  The author is conveying that the 75 or so years we live on this earth are not all we get to determine where we spend the rest of eternity; rather , physical life is a classroom where we learn the key lessons we need to understand ourselves and God better, and each time we “cross over,” we are moving to the next classroom where we learn the next lessons.  God never turns his back on us or abandons us, regardless of what we do.

The third powerful thought that the author presents is the idea of “ Soul Groups,” or individuals that we travel with on our journey, but who take on different roles in our lives as we go from classroom to classroom.  These individuals are our teachers, our parents, our friends, our lovers, our children, our students – whatever they need to be for us to learn what we need to learn as we move forward in our journey.

The author provides a number of examples from her personal experience that provide more details about these t hree thoughts, as well as many other key comforting messages that fill the book.  It is through these examples that Raine gives the reader hope, comfort, and many valuable ideas for the reader to think about and use to better understand his or her own journey through life.  This is a wonderful book for any spiritual traveler, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
-  By William Speir, Author of “The Order of the
       Saltier Trilogy” and “King’s Ransom”

It is a privilege to review "Rainedrops From Heaven," Raine's second book. This book is very well written, in an easily understood style and I thoroughly recommend it, particularly to anyone who is unsure about life beyond the grave. It gives hope that at the end of our life we will be reunited with our departed loved ones. To be able to share life's experiences in great detail as Raine has done, one needs to have had many ups and downs of joy, sorrow, pain and much soul searching, while at the same time using excellent communication skills.

Raine has clearly used all her writing skills writing this book. Her clairvoyant gift is also used to help others understand life in other dimensions, explaining that any decisions we make in this life have karmic consequences. Raine please keep writing your wonderful books!
  -    Wendy Fowler

There is only one thing I can say about this book – caring, compelling and compassionate  Though her first book was excellent:"Rainedrops From Heaven" hit a personal cord within me.

Raine discusses difficult topics such as suicide and death.  She gives actual accounts of those who she has watched pass over into their new life, the loved ones who have come to help them, and the angels who watch over all of us.

A moving book that will have you thinking about your own spiritual life.  Many blessings, Raine. You deserve them. Thank you for writing this book!
  Olivia Rae, Author