International spiritual medium, Raine, has memories of her guardian angels right back to when she was a babe in arms! Raine has grown up having inter-dimensional communications and always thought that others had the same experiences so she never spoke of these times as she grew up.

"It would take quite some years for me to realise that I experienced life a little differently to others.
I guess it is a little like colour blindness, some cannot differentiate between colours and see very little of the colours available to us, whilst others see the wonderful array of colours within our colour spectrum.  

"It is my belief that we all use intuitive guidance every day of our lives, though we are not always consciously aware of same. How often do you think of a particular friend and within a day or two they are in touch with you? How many times have you felt uncomfortable in a particular environment and needed to leave, feeling so much better once you had removed yourself? How many times when your telephone began ringing did you "know" who was calling you? You are all using your intuitive higher self for knowledge.  

"Thats a good example of what I do, I allow my Higher Self to access knowledge. "

Raine continues - "Be aware, sometimes that knowledge may not be what we "think" we need to know but what spirit "wants" us to know! Often information comes in via knowledge we do not recognise the value of. The importance of it impacts on us later on, sometimes after certain events. I have learned to "trust" spirit knowing they are much wiser than we are." 

Raine has a great awareness of the Angelic Realm around us. Each one of you has a Guardian Angel and depending on where and what you are doing with you life, you may have other guides in to assist you achieve your dreams.

Raine both hears the Angels around her, she sees them at time, sometimes she senses them and often has visits from them in her dream time visions. Visions can be available to us when we are awake or when we are asleep.

One of Raine's greatest joys is spending time with her Angels.                    
Raine offers both PERSONAL and  ONLINE SKYPE 

spiritual readings. If you would like to have an ONLINE SKYPE reading go to the page titled CONTACTS and you will find it an easy process to follow through with your payment.

Paypal immediately notify Raine that you have made payment, however please be aware of the time differences between countries. Some times we have to work together to find the suitable time for both of you.

Do not forget to send an email to Raine giving her your SKYPE ID so that she can get in touch with you.

Fees for a SPIRITUAL READING whether that be in PERSON or ONLINE SKYPE is US$80.00

BLESS YOUR SOUL  .  .  .   Raine x x x
A beautiful photo taken in New Zealand as the sun was rising and when it was shown on camera it resembled the dove which brings the message of PEACE

I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Raine many years ago, she is a miracle to me and at that time in my life was the glimmer of hope that I was searching for  . . . she guided me to who I am today. I was emotionally & physically in severe pain, she healed me of both - her healing powers are truly exceptional.

Many years went by and I never forgot my dear friend, we were to meet again a few months before my wedding in 2004 . . . there was only one person I ever had my heart set on officiating our wedding - hence the appreciation to the forces of the spirit world for bringing us together again with Raine.

The wedding day arrived; when I saw my best friend and Raine at the end of the aisle, of the chapel of my descendants, I felt a significant sense of pride and courage that I had never experienced before. I later found out when talking to Raine after the service that my Great Grandmother was walking down the aisle with me, Raine didn't know I had her wedding ring dating back to 1887 on my finger along with an Amethyst ring from my Grandmother who wanted so much to be present at my wedding but sadly died in 2000.
I made excuses & delayed the wedding topic for years as I felt those that I wanted there the most were all in spirit, this was a sad and lonely feeling that I suppressed but the most special people in my life were there with me that day and it was the most perfect day of my life and I truly thank Raine for this, she is the most wonderful, inspirational angel and I feel blessed to have her in my life.
Sarah E., Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Raine - I had occasion today to re-listen to my reading on CD that was done by you 3 months ago and I find myself impressed all over again. Readings have been very instrumental to my spiritual growth so I am quite “picky” about the psychic source. I have never had a reading where I was not physically present before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. You gave me validations from my past that were easy to identify and understand. You also had specific messages for me from 2 spirits that became the crucial part of the reading. My spirit guide had messages that came true within days of your reading, and most importantly, you had messages from a sibling that had died as a child. That message alone eased 27 years of grief and sadness! Lastly, what made this reading different from others I have had in the past was that you told me what spirit wanted me to know, not just what I thought I wanted to know. I think we can get so caught up in the mess and tragedies of our daily existence that we can’t always see the bigger picture and it was great to have spirit offer what I truly needed. Raine, bless you for what you are able to do for people.
Love from Cindy  -  Phoenix, Arizona

I found the reading wonderfully accurate. She described parts of my life that there was no way she could know about. The reading answered my questions and put my mind at ease. Her information was just what I needed to make the decisions I was facing. I plan on using Raine's service any time I feel I am at a cross roads in my life. Thanks for your help.  
    JT in AZ

Twice I have been at a function where Raine has been the officiating celebrant and both times I can say that her presentation, commitment and dedication to every small detail certainly made those occasions something very special to the couple and their gathered guests. If you want a celebrant with panache and flair to make that special day truly memorable, you will be more than happy with the service Raine provides.
     Brian Mac, Tauranga, New Zealand

I would absolutely recommend Raine for your wedding celebrant. My husband and I didn't want a traditional wedding as we are not religious, Raine absolutely understood this and met our needs, it was perfect! My favorite part was the "pouring of the sand" as we united as one. Raine's calming voice also helped me to say my vows as I was terribly nervous. Thank you Raine  for making our wedding day so perfect.

      Natalie Page
"I absolutely loved my reading by Raine. What she told me was so unexpected, yet so accurate that was I blown away.  My sister had just lost her son and she nailed what his condition was, and even had him tell his mother that he liked her new car.  I've had more than a few psychic readings and Raine was the first one to reach my father who died tragically when I was very young.  She described him perfectly, and made me realize that those who have passed over need our help in progressing, even though we think of those in the spirit world as being 'higher' than us somehow.  Raine has so much heart it's no wonder the spirit world talks through her.  What a blessing to have people like Raine that share their gifts with us to heal our sorrows."

"Hi Raine, Thank you so much I received my CD today and have played it twice.You are very amazing and accurate.So many things are exactly as you say and funny enough you hit on the eye testing and I just had one last Friday the 16th and now waiting for new glasses. Also I do have osteoarthritis and the sinus problems at certain times of the year. I do small walks as you said and have never quite understood the mountain thing but do know I enjoy to live up high such as on a hill etc. Have certain problems with one leg as was hit by a car in accident. Also the spirit coming through is my Father who passed over aged 43 when I was 16 (many years ago) So I very much enjoyed your reading. Thanking you once more and looking forward to reading your book."
    Ann, NZ

"Dearest Raine, Wow! Your CD just arrived and I just finished listening - actually twice. You touched my heart so much. And your reading of the man was perfect. He is my father. He died of lung cancer in 1980. Of course, he couldn't breathe. He was diagnosed in December and died the next June. You have the most incredible gift, and that you use it to help others is amazing. Thank you so much Raine."
    Sara, USA

"Gentle fresh nourishing Raine, what an act of love to bring this through for me.  I was just blown away. Thank you for the acknowledgment in the reading. That is the third time I have received it. Once was on a massage table of a healer/reader in New Mexico, once was on a trip to Mexico when Mary came to my roommate to acknowledge me, and now again from my angelic sister. And yet I feel I am just starting to learn about love. I am learning to love the Soul; it matters not how it out pictures. My prayer is to know it as universal and all, with no separation.You are Grace and Peace, you are Love and you are Blessings."
    Iliana, NZ

Hi Raine, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing reading we have had this morning. I'm still in tears. . . Happy tears of course! You have given me an awful lot to think about and You have warmed my heart with your love and wonderful energy. I feel blessed to have connected with you and I am eternally grateful for the messages you have passed on. You are a very special Angel and you will be in my heart forever.
      -  All my love to you, Vikki xxxxxxxxxxxxx

My partner and I were honoured to meet Raine face to face on Skype for one to one readings a few weeks ago. Raine is a lovely, warm hearted person with a deep connection with emotions and she touches your soul with her golden glow and insights to the questions you need answers to.

hit the nail on the head with regards to "not letting the pot boil over" and I am managing to now keep myself aware of over extending myself for others.

never makes you feel rushed and spends time making you feel at ease . . , we were delighted to have met such a wonderful lady who is a credit to her profession, if I can put it in those words . . . she has a God given talent and she is making the world a better place . . .  Love and Thanks to you Raine xxxxxxxxxxxx

        Deborah and Martin, Scotland

My recorded reading with Raine was absolutely amazing and clear. It really blew me away  as she was overseas, and I had only given Raine a few points of what I wanted to know. This first reading was recorded and sent via the internet, so I could listen to Raine's calming voice and felt so reassured as she talked about the things I wanted to know.

Raine really blew me away as she even named landmarks (i.e. train tracks) - things she could not possibly know as she was out of the country!

Raine was amazing, she has a special way of feeling my emotions as well as knowing where I was spiritually. She just blew me away as she was so close to everything that I knew. She was so reassuring and gave me what I needed to know at that time.

      Natalie Diane Page, Auckland

Hi Raine, look forward to reading your third book. Your reading you did for me was amazing. Take care xx :)
Elizabeth Penfold

Dear Raine - I am soooo excited to hear about the third book in the series and hope it is soon in print. It has been such a pleasure connecting with you. The reading you did for me at Christmas - I re-visit again and again as there was much to take in. Keep spreading the light sweetheart. Love always.
Michelle xxx

Hello Raine. I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely reading you gave me despite a few hitches on the connection. You are such a loving and caring person and you made me feel completely at ease straight away. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. Much lovexxxxxxxxx
June Blackwell

Had a lovely reading from Raine when she was in London before her cruise to the Med 2015. Was spot on. Get a reading you wont regret it.
Teresa Kell

My second reading with Raine was one on one. Raine created a lovely atmosphere and loving environment. I felt very relaxed. Raine seeks very little information from me, however she picked up my emotions. I felt like I had what I needed to know that day.

Tears and all, Raine shared my journey with me, fully supporting me all the way.

I will definitely recommend Raine to anyone looking for a true clairvoyant. There are no doubts, Raine is the best!

      Natalie Diane Page, Auckland

This amazing photo taken on a river cruise on the River Rhine shows the sun beginning to set and it was revealed on camera to have taken the shape of an Angel!
This is an auric photo taken of Raine,  you can see the love eminating from her heart, the orbs behind her signify angels are around her and there is so much more to this story. Raine  was grateful to have the opportunity to have this done for a magazine in the UK, Soul & Spirit